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Widex Evoke Hearing Aids and Machine Learning

Widex Hearing AidsMost people love automatic hearing aids because they take the stress and hassle out of making hearing aid adjustments. You simply put the aids in your ears and let them do the work. While automatic hearing aids perform great most of the time, in difficult listening situations they can leave you longing for a way to hear better.

Widex has a revolutionary solution that gives you the best of both worlds! Widex recent introduced the industry’s first automatic hearing aid with real-time machine learning that can easily help you hear better in challenging moments.

What Sounds Better?

Our audiologists know how to best program your hearing aids for your unique hearing loss and lifestyle. However, tricky listening situations sometimes arise in which a minor adjustment to the aids could help tremendously. Rather than trying to make complicated hearing aid adjustments yourself or coming in to see your audiologist to try and replicate the situation, the hearing aids allow you to immediately change the sound through a simple A to B comparison.

Through an App on your smartphone, you can compare 2 different settings in a troublesome situation to achieve better hearing. You simply select the better setting, A or B, and the hearing aids change themselves in real-time. It’s possible to listen to as many as 20 comparisons to refine your settings, but often the first few comparisons give you instant benefit.

How Does Machine Learning Work?

Machine learning uses the hearing aid settings that your audiologist first programmed for your loss and makes minor changes based on your listening preferences. The hearing aids learn and change the settings based on your individual hearing choices in challenging listening situations. The accuracy of the comparisons will improve even more over time based on your hearing preferences along with anonymous data from other Evoke users worldwide.

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