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Starkey’s New Hearing Aid Tracks Your Body and Brain Health

Starkey Hearing AidLivio AI is a revolutionary hearing aid by Starkey that helps you hear and live better. It’s the world’s first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. The sensors along with sophisticated technology allow the hearing aids to track your body and brain activity to promote good health while hearing better. Since a person’s overall well-being is connected to their hearing, Livio AI aims to join hearing and health in a way that redefines hearing health care.

5 Features of the New “Healthable” Hearing Aid

Livio AI’s main goal is better hearing with added health benefits. The device is available as an open fit receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid or a standard behind-the-ear (BTE) style aid. The device has a dual radio system that allows for a connection with wireless accessories and mobile devices as well as true sharing of information between the two hearing aids. In addition, sensors and artificial intelligence processing technology learn and track your activity levels for health and communication purposes. Several new features make this hearing aid different than anything on the market:

1. Body tracking. Integrated sensors using an accelerometer, which is an inertial measurement unit, track a wearers movement and activity level during the day and encourage physical activity.

2. Brain tracking. Artificial intelligence technology tracks how much the wearer is using the devices and in what types of listening environments. Wearing hearing aids every day in various listening environments helps to promote auditory brain stimulation.

3. Tap control. You can now adjust the hearing aids by simply tapping on the top of the ear when streaming TV. You can stop and start the streaming to hear a loved one speak to you and then resume watching your show.

4. Language translations. If you keep a good internet connection with your Apple device, you can translate a speaker’s voice in real-time from one language to another. The translation appears on your phone in the form of a transcription and is heard in your hearing aid.

5. Fall detection. A valuable safety feature for older adults is going to be available soon – please check back with us for a release date. Through a gyroscope embedded in the hearing aid, the device will be capable of fall detection and management. By tracking body position, the hearing aid will be able to send out an alert to a loved one or emergency services if a person has fallen.

Thrive Mobile App and Wellness Score

Starkey’s Thrive App is compatible with 2.4 GHz accessories and available at the Google Play or Apple Store. It offers users controls such as volume, muting, noise control, memory program management, remote hearing aid programming from our audiologists, and the ability to use streaming accessories.

The App displays an overall Thrive Wellness Score that consists of the body tracking score and brain tracking score. The maximum possible daily wellness score is 200. The body score includes points for the number of steps taken during the day, minutes of exercise, and the amount of overall movement. The brain score is formed by the amount of time a wearer uses the hearing aids and listens in challenging and various environments.

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Livio AI can run on Apple iOS 11 devices or newer and Android devices. However, with Android devices no direct audio streaming or translate feature is possible. Three patient focused Bluetooth accessories are available including the TV streamer, remote microphone, and remote control. Our audiologists can check your mobile phone compatibility and recommend any necessary wireless accessories.

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