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Let’s Marvel at the New Smartphone Compatible and Rechargeable Hearing Aid from Phonak

Phonak Marvel Hearing AidThe Phonak Audéo™ Marvel hearing aid, released in November 2018, is the world’s first hearing aid that directly streams all audio content from both iOS and Android smartphones to both ears for the best hearing aid performance. From streaming to any Bluetooth device to smart apps and rechargeability, this hearing aid will have you marveling at its capabilities.

A Marvelous Smartphone Hearing Aid

Phonak couldn’t have picked a better name for its marvelous products and solutions. What’s most amazing about Marvel is its ability to meet the needs of so many wearers. It’s available in the most popular receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) style that fits securely behind your ear. We offer Marvel as a standard or rechargeable device, with a telecoil option that’s available later in 2019. Telecoils work with loop systems often found in churches, theaters, or lecture halls to pick up sound through electromagnetic energy rather than the hearing aid’s microphone.

In addition to its various models, you can select from many different technology and price levels. Amazingly, even the lower end technology offers rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Benefits of the Marvel Hearing Aid

Clear Sound

Our audiologists know that bells and whistles on hearing aids are great, but the main purpose of a hearing aid is to help you hear better. Marvel has amazing sound quality for easier listening in noise.


Newly designed domes and custom ear pieces fit securely and comfortably in your ears as they deliver the sound from the behind-the-ear device into your ear canal.


A new wax system with a disk wax guard protects the receiver from damage.

Smart App

You can adjust the hearing aid with the Phonak RemoteControl app. Later in 2019, another app called myPhonak will be available to give you more interaction with your audiologist. For example, you can keep a hearing aid diary and enjoy remote hearing aid adjustments.

Smartphone Compatible

Marvel is made for all phones! A direct connection to iOS and Android devices is now possible. Marvel can connect to all Bluetooth devices.

TV Connector

Hearing the TV is one of the most important listening situations for those who want to hear better. The connector works with Marvel to deliver the sound to your hearing aids as if they were wireless headphones.


Roger is a remote microphone that will be available to work with Marvel later in 2019. It’s used as a table microphone for hearing at a distance or during a group discussion in noise.


A key feature a new user looks for when selecting a hearing aid is rechargeability. Marvel uses lithium-ion technology to supply a full day of hearing including streaming. Operation is simple since the hearing aids turn on automatically when removed from the charger. Charging is super quick, and the battery lasts up to 6 years. You can use the Phonak remote app to check the battery status. Several charging cases are available including a mini case, larger combi case, and a power pack on-the-go charger.

New Round Design

The rounded housing is more comfortable and has new microphone port inlets to reduce wind and hair noise. The new push button is larger and easier to use. For those who still want a standard battery, the batter door has been updated for easier insertion and less chance of the battery falling out. The aids are available in many popular color choices from beige and brown to white, grey, and black.

Hands-free Phone Calls

You can answer calls hands-free with a direct connection to iOS, Android, and Bluetooth compatible phones.

Audio Streaming in Both Ears

You can hear phone calls and other audio content in both ears for the best hearing experience.

Call Us at (314) 729-0077 to Listen to the Superior Sound Quality Found in This Marvelous Rechargeable, Smartphone Hearing Aid.

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