Styletto SigniaAre you avoiding hearing aids because of the way they look? If so, we have a new hearing aid style that is different from anything else on the market. Styletto, by Signia, is the world’s first slim receiver in the canal (SLIM-RIC) hearing aid. One glance at the sleek design of Styletto will change your image of hearing aids forever. But Styletto is so much more than a stylish hearing aid. It uses advanced technology to provide you with the most natural hearing experience.

A New Hearing Aid Style

The contemporary design of the Styletto SLIM-RIC is very cosmetically appealing. The new SLIM-RIC style consists of an extremely narrow and discreet behind the ear portion that connects through a slim tube to a receiver that fits inside your ear canal.

The device has a modern brushed metal look that is available in several new metallic colors. The aid has no onboard controls which gives the device a clean surface appearance. Wearers can adjust the device through Signia’s touchControl App that works with both iOS and Android. A miniPocket remote is also available for those without a compatible smartphone. Telecare is also available which allows our audiologists the ability to make remote adjustments to your hearing aid.

Slim Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The sleek appearance of Styletto is due to the slim lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Rather than using a coin cell that is round, Signia’s new aid uses a pin cell battery that allows for the thin design.

The portable recharging case can supply 4 full days of convenient charging without using any wall charging cables. With 3 hours of charging, the aid can provide 19 hours of daily use. A 30-minute fast charge can add 5 hours of wear time. The case itself is very slim and portable with effortless operation.

Hear Your Own Voice Naturally

The own voice processing (OVP) found in Styletto processes your voice separately from other sounds, allowing you to hear your own voice naturally when you speak.

A Stylish and Durable Hearing Aid

The attractive design doesn’t sacrifice durability. The aid has an IP68 rating that signifies its resistance to dust and moisture. The hearing aid also uses a 2-stage wax protection system that includes the dome/sleeve and wax guards to prevent damage to the receiver.

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