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Hearing Aids Can Connect Wirelessly with the World

Wireless Hearing TechnologyHearing aid technology has advanced beyond anything anyone could have imagined a decade or two ago. For example, present day hearing aids have superior sound quality and even allow you to hear through wireless technology. By listening to sound wirelessly, you can understand speech better and cut out bothersome background noise.

The Top Reasons for Needing Hearing Aids that Connect Wirelessly

Hearing aid wearers often benefit from wireless technology when they experience the following difficulties::

  • Poor speech understanding in noisy environments
  • Difficulty hearing in classrooms or large lecture halls
  • Trouble hearing on a landline or cell phone


Wireless Technology Choices

When considering the best wireless technology solution for a unique listening situation, we recommend one of the following options based on the characteristics of the system.

1. Infrared – The biggest advantage of infrared is that it can be used in rooms that are next to each other with the same receiver. This works great at a large conference or multiplex theater.

2. FM (radio frequency) – Often, users prefer FM because of its portability inside or outside. In addition, it can be setup simply for use in a conference room, classroom, or tour bus.

3. Loop – Anyone with an appropriate telecoil tailored to their hearing loss can use a loop system. This system can be used in a large room or for personal use. The best part of a loop system is that it doesn’t use a receiver. As a result, there is no added receiver to maintain, purchase, or sterilize.

4. Bluetooth – Bluetooth is a newer wireless hearing aid choice that can be used easily by lots of people close to each other without interference.

What is the Best Wireless Hearing Solution for the Phone?

1. Amplifiers – Individuals without a telecoil or hearing aid can increase the gain on the phone with an acoustic amplifier. Hearing aid wearers that have a telecoil inside their aid can use an electromagnetic amplifier. Keep in mind, amplifiers work with landline phones.

2. Intermediary device – This extra device receives the phone call and sends the sound to the hearing aid. Wearers who don’t have a smartphone often benefit from this option. Unfortunately, it isn’t as good as a direct connection since the extra device often degrades the original signal.

3. Bluetooth – A wireless cell phone option is the best for smartphone users since the call is sent directly to the hearing aid. Therefore, all hearing aid manufacturers offer this option. However, the cell phone brand that works with your hearing aid is dependent on the manufacturer.

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