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The Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

Benefits of Hearing Aids

When you think about the reason why people get hearing aids, what pops into your head? It’s probably, “to hear better.” And you’re right! Hearing aids help you hear better by making sounds louder. They allow you to hear sounds you’ve been missing such as the soft-spoken voice of a child or your telephone ringing.…

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Dining Out with Hearing Loss

Noisy Restaurants

A 2016 Consumer Reports survey found that too much noise was the most common restaurant complaint among those surveyed. Excessive noise levels even out ranked poor service, awful food, and a dirty environment as the biggest gripe. With restaurant noise levels being difficult for even normal hearing patrons, how can individuals with hearing loss possibly…

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Noisy Hobbies Can Cause Permanent Ear Injury

Hearing Protection from Noise

Most people know that continued exposure to loud noises over time can cause ear damage. But did you know that a single exposure to an excessively loud sound has the possibility to cause irreversible damage too. Shooting a firearm or attending a very loud concert just once has the potential to damage your hearing. Listening…

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Widex Evoke Hearing Aids and Machine Learning

Widex Hearing Aids

Most people love automatic hearing aids because they take the stress and hassle out of making hearing aid adjustments. You simply put the aids in your ears and let them do the work. While automatic hearing aids perform great most of the time, in difficult listening situations they can leave you longing for a way…

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At What Age Should You Have Your Hearing Checked?

Hearing Checked

Children have frequent hearing screenings starting right after birth in the hospital. A child’s hearing is screened again as a toddler or preschooler and yearly when they’re school-aged. Early detection of childhood hearing loss is of upmost importance for speech and language development. But what about adults? Should you wait to get your hearing checked…

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Help Dad Get Used to Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Support

After years of watching Dad miss conversations and avoid social activities, he’s finally decided to get hearing aids! Dad’s decision to get his life back is a big step and a support team is vital for a favorable outcome. It’s best for the entire family to be involved in the process, supportive, and knowledgeable about…

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Sound Health Hearing Care Is a Provider for CaptionCall Phones

Caption Phone

Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone? Do you miss parts of the conversation and wish there was a way to fill in the gaps? If so, you could be eligible for a FREE CaptionCall phone and captioned telephone services.   What is CaptionCall? CaptionCall is the most widely used captioned telephone service provider…

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A Charge and Go Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Charge and Go Rechargeable Hearing Aid

In the fall of 2017, Signia introduced Nx hearing aids as the first real solution for wearers who don’t like the way their own voice sounds while wearing aids. Signia found that own voice problems can be resolved when hearing aids process the wearer’s voice separately from external sounds. In addition to making your voice…

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When Is a Cochlear Implant Recommended for an Adult?

Cochlear Implants for Adults

Most hearing aid wearers do very well with amplification. But some wearers with a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss don’t notice much benefit from hearing aids. They often hear sound, but have great difficulty understanding speech. These individuals may be cochlear implant candidates if they meet certain candidacy requirements.     What Is a…

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Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month with Communication for All

Better Hearing & Speech 2018

Hearing loss is a major cause of communication problems, but additional factors can make listening even more difficult. If you want the best hearing experience, it’s good to know the factors that affect communication and the strategies used to improve your ability to hear.   Factors That Affect Communication Having hearing loss puts you at…

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