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Help Dad Get Used to Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Support

After years of watching Dad miss conversations and avoid social activities, he’s finally decided to get hearing aids! Dad’s decision to get his life back is a big step and a support team is vital for a favorable outcome. It’s best for the entire family to be involved in the process, supportive, and knowledgeable about…

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Sound Health Hearing Care Is a Provider for CaptionCall Phones

Caption Phone

Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone? Do you miss parts of the conversation and wish there was a way to fill in the gaps? If so, you could be eligible for a FREE CaptionCall phone and captioned telephone services.   What is CaptionCall? CaptionCall is the most widely used captioned telephone service provider…

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A Charge and Go Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Charge and Go Rechargeable Hearing Aid

In the fall of 2017, Signia introduced Nx hearing aids as the first real solution for wearers who don’t like the way their own voice sounds while wearing aids. Signia found that own voice problems can be resolved when hearing aids process the wearer’s voice separately from external sounds. In addition to making your voice…

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When Is a Cochlear Implant Recommended for an Adult?

Cochlear Implants for Adults

Most hearing aid wearers do very well with amplification. But some wearers with a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss don’t notice much benefit from hearing aids. They often hear sound, but have great difficulty understanding speech. These individuals may be cochlear implant candidates if they meet certain candidacy requirements.     What Is a…

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Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month with Communication for All

Better Hearing & Speech 2018

Hearing loss is a major cause of communication problems, but additional factors can make listening even more difficult. If you want the best hearing experience, it’s good to know the factors that affect communication and the strategies used to improve your ability to hear.   Factors That Affect Communication Having hearing loss puts you at…

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The Hearing Loss and Dementia Link

Hearing Loss Linked to Memory Loss

Everyone has difficulty remembering at times. But if you’re an older adult with untreated hearing loss, research shows that you have a higher risk for mental decline. It doesn’t mean that all older adults with untreated loss will get dementia, but there is an increased risk of cognitive deterioration. Studies show a link between hearing…

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Help the Earth: Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries

Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries

Initially, the thought of recycling your tiny hearing aid battery may not appear too significant in the overall efforts to save our planet. But if you think about the 1.4 billion disposable hearing aid batteries that researchers have estimated to end up in landfills each year, the importance of recycling becomes apparent. Simple things like…

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April Showers Could Ruin Your Hearing Aids

Wet Hearing Aids

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But April showers can also bring some very unpleasant consequences to hearing aids. Our audiologists recommend that you avoid wearing your hearing aids in situations where they may get soaked. Just as you know not to wear your hearing aids in the shower or while…

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The Benefits of Connecting Your Hearing Aids to Your Smartphone

Smartphone Hearing Aid Benefits

Survey data from the Pew Research Center shows that over 75% of adults in the United States have smartphones. If you’re one of those adults and have hearing loss, then you should be aware of the many advantages of connecting your aids to your smartphone. Whether you’re a long-time wearer or purchasing your first set,…

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Spring Cleaning for Your Hearing Aids

Clean Hearing Aids

Winter is officially over in St. Louis and spring is in the air. Along with springtime comes warmer temperatures. Nicer weather prompts us to open our windows and begin cleaning. Besides deep cleaning your house, it’s a great time to give extra care to your hearing aids. In addition to the basic cleaning that you…

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