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Connect Your Hearing Aids to a Hearing Loop with a Telecoil

Hearing Loop and Telecoil

Hearing aids help you hear better in many situations. However, they don’t always perform the best in large public venues. For example, in a big space with soaring ceilings such as a church or theater, you may lose the sound on its way to your ears. In addition, your ability to hear in a large…

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Musicians and Hearing Loss

Musicians Hearing Loss

News stories about famous rock musicians such as Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton have brought attention to the dangers of loud music. These musicians developed severe hearing loss after years of performing. But don’t think for a minute that rock stars who’ve played on stage for years are the only ones at risk for hearing…

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Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Loss Treatment

Are you or a loved one among the 360 million worldwide sufferers of debilitating hearing loss, as reported by the World Health Organization? If so, it’s important to discover common treatment options than can help you hear again. Our audiologists recommend treatment as early in life as possible to lessen the negative effects of untreated…

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An Advanced Rechargeable Hearing Aid Solution

Resound Rechargeable Hearing Aid

If you’re tired of buying hearing aid batteries or you have trouble changing them, the ReSound LiNX Quattro gives you an easy to use and reliable alternative. The Quattro is a rechargeable hearing aid that has an unbelievably long battery life. And, it’s available in the most popular receive-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid style. The RIC…

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A Rechargeable Hearing Aid with Style

Styletto Signia

Are you avoiding hearing aids because of the way they look? If so, we have a new hearing aid style that is different from anything else on the market. Styletto, by Signia, is the world’s first slim receiver in the canal (SLIM-RIC) hearing aid. One glance at the sleek design of Styletto will change your…

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Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Everyone knows that difficulty hearing is a sign of hearing loss – so why is there a need to discuss symptoms? As you’ll see, it’s often more complicated than simply noticing that you can’t hear. The inability to hear usually occurs gradually and as a result, can be difficult to detect. A decrease in hearing…

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Starkey’s New Hearing Aid Tracks Your Body and Brain Health

Starkey Hearing Aid

Livio AI is a revolutionary hearing aid by Starkey that helps you hear and live better. It’s the world’s first hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. The sensors along with sophisticated technology allow the hearing aids to track your body and brain activity to promote good health while hearing better. Since a person’s…

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Do Audiologists Still Fit Custom Hearing Aids?

In-the-Ear hearing aids

When you think about the last marketing image you saw for hearing aids or the most recent style you noticed on a person at the grocery store or at church, it was most likely a behind-the-ear (BTE) style device. BTE styles account for about 80% of today’s hearing aid sales. Times sure have changed! In…

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Unitron’s Moxi All Hearing Aid Offers You Hands-free Mobile Phone Calling

Rechargeable, Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aid

Several manufacturers have already introduced hearing aids that work directly with your iPhone or Android mobile device – so what’s unique about Unitron’s Moxi All? Unitron’s newest hearing aid not only streams to all smartphones that have a classic Bluetooth hands-free profile but it’s also rechargeable! You can now stream phone calls hands-free to your…

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