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The Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

Benefits of Hearing AidsWhen you think about the reason why people get hearing aids, what pops into your head? It’s probably, “to hear better.” And you’re right! Hearing aids help you hear better by making sounds louder. They allow you to hear sounds you’ve been missing such as the soft-spoken voice of a child or your telephone ringing. But keep in mind that even though hearing aids help tremendously, they don’t return your hearing back to normal. If you have nerve damage, you may still notice some difficulty understanding speech. While better hearing is the main reason people decide to get hearing aids, it’s not the only benefit they receive. In addition to hearing better, your life can improve in ways you never thought possible.

Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

When you hear better, other aspects of your life can improve too such as your health, relationships, and even your employment opportunities. Scientific research along with our patients’ experiences reveal improvements in the following areas:

Relationships with family and friends. You can have a better relationship with your family and friends once the barrier of hearing loss is broken. Communication is essential to any good relationship and when hearing improves relationships can flourish.

Self-confidence. Hearing again can help you feel confident in your ability to respond appropriately during conversations and therefore become more assertive.

Mental sharpness. With recent studies linking hearing loss to mental deterioration and even dementia, keeping the auditory pathways in your brain active can help lessen your risk for cognitive decline.

Physical health. Stress can wreak havoc on your health and nothing is more stressful that trying to hear in a noisy situation or getting lost in the middle of a conversation. Hearing again can help you relax and develop a better sense of well-being.

Concentration. When your brain isn’t busy trying to piece together a broken signal, it has time to devote to other tasks such as understanding and problem solving.

Independence. When you have confidence in your hearing abilities, you don’t feel the need to rely on others to hear for you.

Energy level. It can be exhausting not to hear! Hearing again gives you more energy to focus on your relationships, work, and hobbies.

Desire to socialize. Hearing loss often causes people to withdraw and become isolated. An improvement in hearing usually does the opposite – it makes you want to experience life and spend time with your loved ones.

Employment. When you aren’t hearing accurately at work it can affect the way your co-workers and employer interact with you. The stress of trying to hear can also take its toll on you emotionally and cause you to be less productive in the workplace. Letting your employer know about your hearing loss and wearing hearing aids can significantly help you to enjoy your job and excel.

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