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An Advanced Rechargeable Hearing Aid Solution

Resound Rechargeable Hearing AidIf you’re tired of buying hearing aid batteries or you have trouble changing them, the ReSound LiNX Quattro gives you an easy to use and reliable alternative. The Quattro is a rechargeable hearing aid that has an unbelievably long battery life. And, it’s available in the most popular receive-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid style. The RIC aid has a very tiny behind-the-ear part that connects to a receiver in your ear canal through a slim tube. This discreet lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid easily keeps you hearing all day.

Hearing Aid Battery Options

The power source for hearing aids has been improved. Until recently, all hearing aids were powered by Zinc-air batteries activated by oxygen. Unfortunately, wearers need to replace this type of battery often because of its short life. Besides the hassle of buying batteries, they can be expensive over a lifetime. Recent advances in hearing aid technology have allowed for the following two rechargeable battery choices:

Silver-zinc rechargeable batteries. Recently introduced by Z Power, these rechargeable cells need a special hearing aid battery door to run. The battery recharges through contacts and is thought of as a hybrid between traditional and rechargeable batteries. This choice allows wearers to use either a rechargeable battery or a zinc-air battery, if needed. As a result, the aid will still have a battery door and battery contacts that you need to match up when charging.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. As used in the ReSound Quattro hearing aid, the lithium-ion rechargeable battery is completely sealed inside the hearing aid. Therefore, the hearing aid has no battery door. This is great for patients with poor use of their hands or vision problems that make changing batteries hard. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice to keep batteries out of landfills.

Benefits of ReSound’s Rechargeable Hearing Aid

With the following benefits, Quattro offers the convenience, portability, and freedom to charge on the go.


Its built-in battery reduces the chance of corrosion and the need for cleaning. The sealed battery gives the aid more protection and increases its durability.

Easy to charge

It uses lithium-ion induction charging with no need to match up battery contacts. When placed in the charger, it automatically mutes itself and activates when removed.

Long battery life

The Quattro’s long-lasting built-in lithium-ion battery can provide 30 hours of hearing on a 3 hour charge. If you stream phone calls or media to your devices 50% of the day, the device runtime only drops to 24 hours. That is still a full day of wear with half of your day spent streaming!

The quick charge at the beginning of charging allows you to still wear your aids even if you forgot to charge them overnight. For example, 1 hour of charge time gives you 16 hours of operation, 30 minutes of charge times supplies 8 hours of wear time, and even 1 minute of charge time gives you 16 minutes to hear.

Because of its design, it will be at least 4 years before you need to replace the battery. At that point you will begin noticing reduced battery life even after a full charge.

Built-in battery charger

You can unplug the charging case from the wall and use it on the go for 3 full charges. The on the go charger can last even longer if the hearing aids are never fully empty when charging. If flying with your aids in the case, you’re not allowed to put them in checked baggage, but they’re fine in your carry-on.

Simple LED status indicators

LED indicator lights turn on when the aid is in the charger. The charging lights on the front of the charger let you know how much charge is available in the hearing aids. The devices themselves also have LED lights that blink when charging and become solid when fully charged. You will know how much charge is left in the actual case by the status lights on the back of the charging case. The ReSound Smart 3D app can also show the status of your hearing aid battery life.

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