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At What Age Should You Have Your Hearing Checked?

Hearing CheckedChildren have frequent hearing screenings starting right after birth in the hospital. A child’s hearing is screened again as a toddler or preschooler and yearly when they’re school-aged. Early detection of childhood hearing loss is of upmost importance for speech and language development.

But what about adults? Should you wait to get your hearing checked until you’re closer to retirement age or sooner? Before we answer the question, let’s explore how a hearing screening and test differ.

What Is the Difference Between a Hearing Screening and Test?

A hearing screening delivers pass/fail results that show the possibility of hearing loss. A quick screening can be done at your doctor’s office, a health fair, or an audiologist’s office. The accuracy of the hearing screening depends on several factors including the level of noise present during the testing. A screening conducted in a quiet or sound proof room, like we offer at Sound Health Hearing Care, is obviously more exact than one given in the presence of background noise.

If you fail your hearing screening, the administrator will recommend a full diagnostic hearing test. The best person to conduct a diagnostic hearing test is an audiologist. We perform a comprehensive test in a sound proof booth and obtain results that show both the severity and type of hearing loss.

See Our Audiologists for a Hearing Exam

We recommend that adults between the ages of 18 and 50 have their hearing screened every 3-5 years. Hearing loss often happens gradually and those exposed to noise are at greater risk. It’s good to have a baseline as a young adult to watch for any changes and prevent significant future hearing loss. Over the age of 50, it’s best to start having yearly hearing screenings since hearing loss becomes more common with age.

Regardless of age, if you start to notice difficulty hearing conversations in noisy environments, asking others to repeat, or complaints from family members about your hearing, then you should call us at (314) 227-0571 to schedule a hearing test. The sooner you seek treatment for your hearing loss the better!